Applied Sport Nutrition Research of Orthomolecular Baking Products with Comprehensive Mineral & Phytochemicals Program

Noah Bakery is located high in the Rocky Mountains close to the Alaska Highway on the chain of lakes where the waterways of the Yukon River begin, in one of Earth's most beautiful, invigorating, adventurous mountain regions. We are a small manufacturer of organic gluten-free flour, located near Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada.

Allergy-Free Baking in Disguise

Founded in 2004, Noah Bakery is the market's smallest research facility, manufacturing natural organic gluten-free flour. Testing and process modeling has introduced innovations for easy baking and nutrient dense, bio-available flour.

In Brief

The Noah Bakery expertise and interest addresses nutrition related challenges applying to the global sport sector with their social assets. Academically relevant research, training and outreach on economic development and the environment to work on topics such as improving the nutritional quality of flour products with the individual characteristics in cooking and baking.

We have compiled many recipes for each kind of flour; they may be viewed on the Recipes Page.

We have developed several blends of each type of flour, using quality natural ingredients. Please see the Products Page for more information.

You can order Noah Bakery flour online or by mail. Instructions can be found on the Ordering Page.



Through its international academy draws on years experience and technical knowledge to provide effective learning and development opportunities , unique and thorough understanding to support you worldwide. A new of services will be introduced featuring a wide range of quality interactive baking -training covering technical and topical areas in baking good food.

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