New energy source for sports & fitness hypoallergenic gluten grain-free flour with comprehensive micronutrients.

Address the challenge of iron and selenium deficiency global prevalence and consequences.

More than just bakery and snacks, or Hypoallergenic gluten free flour designed to prevent or  reduce the possibility of exposed to an allergy or toxin producing substance are know.

Noah Bakery is located high in the Rocky Mountains close to the Alaska Highway on the chain of lakes where the waterways of the Yukon River is fed by the sky. It runs over a bed of shatter mountains through the dreams of an ancient forrest. We are a small and growing manufacturer of ORGANIC GLUTEN - GRAIN - FREE FLOUR for bread and pastry.

Allergy-Free Baking in Disguise

Founded in 2004, Noah Bakery is the market's smallest research facility, manufacturing natural organic gluten-free flour. Testing and process modeling has introduced innovations for easy baking and nutrient dense, bio flour.


YukonTlingit house


Introducing a gluten-free baking workshop! Designed for children and older for advanced meal and snack ideas. A new of service will be introduced featuring step by step coaching to success in Sport & Exercise Nutrition. Promoting optimal health and development for children and older, the foundation for a healthy life,through good sources of carbohydrate, protein, micronutrients and dietary importance of fermentabel fibre for Digestive Health.

The Good Baking Program Diabetes Awareness (pdf)

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