New energy source for sports & fitness hypoallergenic gluten grain-free flour with comprehensive micronutrients.

No pop policy and cominc consultion.

Within reasonable skeptisism...

It is the individuals who make society of today's economics, is grounded in the theory of ideology and sustainability of material progress within the global food supply chain. As a new doctrine for the relationship between people's society and their genetic material that makes up DNA - molecules. The consequence for human social individuals activity and behaviours.

During such periods, Noah Bakery anticipating within our collective knowledges and other factors within, corresponding concept of food harm reduction device a program to maximize the effectiveness of flour to contribute to a functional baking and snack ideas.

We mill our own flour at the Bean Millers

We use only the finest plump of organic grown seeds, for all our Noah Bakery sustainable high quality food products. Founded by 5th generation of bakers, combines old world experience with natural processes to mill beans and seeds to perfection.

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What's in it for You?

Some quick set-ups will let you do some amazingly baking. With our flour, you can maximize the enjoyment of allergy-free baking. Versatile and easy to use, it's endlessly adaptable with good results.

No kneading, no rolling, no mess.

That changes the way people think and feel, how to handle food. Todays food processing implications be sparking unintended consequences within all aspects of life, ethics, equity and human - animal dignity and well being.

Research Agenda

A message in the public interest
Happy Earth Day
Tracing the human foot print
What's good for the chemical industry is not good for America and Deutschland, it changes the way the world perceives and uses ecosystems and natural resources. Chemicals have made money-makers for the industry supply chain who market them with now and know factors aggressively by decisions made to accommodate the present biohazard perilous to the land. The world is experiencing a resurgence of increasing spread of pesticides. Substances are sprayed on agricultural food and the city parks you are supposed to enjoy! Each successive state of chemical application ends up in the food chain and environment. The enormous risk factors of the chemicals are flooding into our lives. Many compounds of these toxins have been identified as having the potential ability to induce DNA damage or increase the frequency of mutations in cells of all life forms.

Be Aware. Glyphosate as a Carcinogen, as mutagen  or as Toxic for Reproduction.

What you don't know could kill you
Out of this world
Hydrogen cyanide-gas, zyklon-B, chlordane, heptachlor, endrin, malathion, parathion, kepone, organo chlorine, lindane, mirex, dieldrin, PCB's, toxaphene, pesticides, fungicide, ethoxyquin, neonicotinoids etc. There are many more chemicals in use, all are extremely stable compounds, they do not break down easily.
Within the limits of scientific perspective on the key fact, it provides more than its share of surprises along the way where society goes.