New energy source for sports & fitness hypoallergenic gluten grain-free flour with comprehensive micronutrients.

International food safety and risk assessment set a basis to ensure Noah Bakery in capacity building exchange of knowledge, expertise, hormonisation and innovation in food safety challenges and implications.

Mycotoxin Prevention Program

Toxic effects of mycotoxins in humans and impact of mycotoxins on humans and animals.

Quality Management Standard


Focus on study and understanding in respect to International Organization of Standardization.

Operations and technology under guidelines of international quality management standard.

ISO 9001 | ISO 14001| ISO 17025| ISO 22000

Noah Bakery Form of Expression of Quality Management System Requirements

All Natural Products

All of our products are free of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides. Click here to download SGS' analysis report. All rights reserved,

pesticide, fungicide, toxic metals, pathogenic micro organisms, spores, pest, persistent organic pollutant (pops) GMO, seed health system. Amylase inhibitors, phytates, tannnins, saponin, oligosaccharide, hemagglutinin activity.