New energy source for sports & fitness needs Orthomolecular flour blends with comprehensive micronutrients.


The flour hub has in key infrastructure for food and feed sustainability ingredients applications inspiring sharpening opportunities for successful product launches.


Flour designed for Sports & Fitness needs

Face with a historic level of social and business disruptions, were have been forced to restore quickly and developmental to meet the current challenges through experience, were are connected and ready for drive personalized interaction with you to discover new ways for agricultural products.

Noah Bakery Sport Nutrition and Bioscience has strengthened our position as leading ethical key driver for firmly get on-the-go in bio active ingredients segment highlights on our allergy's toxicity grain free flour blend's a special combination of complex carbohydrates low glycemic index with dietary nano fibres plants based complete protein peptides synthesis's plus an enhanced dynamic of micronutrients needs for early childhood and older adventurous personality's graining traction to explore affordability and versatility within ourself.

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No scientific pursuit is solitary.

My research interest is in mucosal immunology and food ethnobotany agricultural life science, evolving as an team leader for developmental activities in bio-converting of plants protein folding into complete protein-peptides bio-therapeutics including focussing on probiotics dietary nano fibres linked conditions in bioavailability-functional-performance forwarded to grain-free flour blends formulated ingredients segment and integrated processing applications for the food and feed networks products optimizability.