New energy source for sports & fitness needs Orthomolecular flour blends with comprehensive micronutrients.

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Carbohydrates and fibres.

Beyond allergies and toxicity our controlled stakes in primary production of no grain, alkaline balanced carbohydrates and dietary nano fibres within outstanding sources of bio-protein-peptides and micro-nutritients for improving nutritional quality standards for food and feed ingredients segment.

Noah Bakery frontier research is privatly owned and founded in 2004 Yukon Canada.

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The Flour Hub

  • Easy to use:
  • Provides grain free premium flour blends
  • Moses Flour:
    Leavening Agent: Baking Soda
  • Ramses Flour:
    Leavening Agent: Yeast
  • No kneading, no rolling, no mess. Cleanup is a breeze.

Instant Baking Flour Blends

  • Needs only water:
  • Burdock & Buckwheat
  • Gingerbread & Astragalus
  • Shiitake Mushroom & Quinoa
  • Cranberries & Maple
  • Cappuccino & Amaranth
  • Sushi & Nori
  • Nopal Cactus & Amaranth
  • Flax & Mustard Seed

Baking Flour Blends

  • Shop in bulk:
  • Moses Amaranth
  • Moses Buckwheat
  • Moses Quinoa
  • Moses Smart
  • Ramses Stone
  • Ramses Alaskan Sourdough
  • Ramses Flaxseed
  • Ramses Quinoa

Client Care

Strength definition endurance.

On Friendship Ingredient

Product Functional Performance

  • Noah Bakery Orthomolecular grain free flour blend products has a shelf life up to 5 years. Store under dry cool conditions. It has low hygroscopicity in dry formulations.
  • Requires minimal food process adjustments to share outstanding efficiency of dough handling, combine moderate to high process tolling with good flavours texture stability.
  • Has successive freezing-thawing cycles. It holds its crispness outsied and chewingness insight, no crumbling in finished baked products.
  • Has flavour of its own, enhances positive attribute such as mouth - feel - taste, easy to like.


Noah Bakery agricultural food processer as assessed holder owning significant and valuable body of specialty grain free orthomolecular synergistic alkaline forming flour formulas, which put the template in place for securitization linked concepts of bioavailability-funtional-performance flour based ingredient segment within integrated solutions for the food/feed and beverages concept ideation..

  1. taking advanced natural approach within dietary nano fibred for digestive care linked to balanced ratio of butyrate
  2. optimization of plants protein peptides folding for the metabolic pathways
  3. enhanced micronutrient status of bio markers for #iron #selenium #zinc

Code of Integrity and Professional Conduct

Integrity is at the core of the business of Noah Bakery. It reflects the business principles and provides guidance for countering bribery, issued international transparency and social accountability to comply with and live by our code. No deviation can or will be tolerated. The rules are fairly simple; you should apply the following common-sense principles:

  • Do not do anything which could require you to be untruthful
  • Do not engage into any transaction purpose
  • Do not do anything which you know or believe to be illegal or unethical
  • Do not use any Noah Bakery property for your own benefit
  • Ask yourself whether any contemplated transaction or business practice would withstand the scrutiny of the public eye if exposed. Seek advice when in doubt

— Peter Schaefer, Yukon



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