New energy source for sports & fitness needs Orthomolecular flour blends with comprehensive micronutrients.

Gluten Free

Black spots on wheat are funguses - micro-toxin.


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We offer you a global coverage of experience in compliance around the world, driving through social and sustainable agricultural food processing business using our digital media service of highly skilled and experience experts.

We're can measure our performance against social, ethical, quality and environmental risks within our supply chain. Due diligence and security assessments, as well as databases analytical tools to meet various industrial conditions needs.

Environmental assessments to assess the importance environmental performance in operating activities in our supply chains.

Quality assessment to evaluate manufacturing processes-controlled systems for our existing or new supplies needs.

Social assessment to adopt ethical auditing as a way of monitoring workers environmental conditions throughout our supply chains.

Environmental pollution prevention management assessments to assess the environmental impacts performance conditions in operating activities in our manufacturing sector and supply chains of products. Provides professional and comprehensive experience of executing secondary-party assessment.

ISO 9001
ISO 11133
ISO 14001
ISO 17025
ISO 16649
ISO 22000
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All Natural Products

All of our products are free of fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.

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Our Noah Bakery Sport Nutrition portfolio more specifically about what we're doing.

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Lead the development and roll-out of Orthomolecular grain free flour to use into the main ingredients for baking pastries and pasta food products and services ensuring that our manufacturing sector management and affiliates deliver them in accordance with set specifications.

Working closely with the global food assurance team to discuss new opportunities for existing activities and developmental new solutions.

Review outputs to ensure the food-social-products meet the expectations of international stakeholders and customers within remain competitive.

Take groups lead in environmental sustainability technology supporting the international food processing business network and they social activities.

Partnering with sales and business activities are beneficial, for developing into address and ensure that our clients receive a best-in-class service.

Setting up within our activities a qualified professional group on-site supporting functional management responses for improving activities updating inputs for eco-friendly food safety standardization for the best food processing practices should be settled into within additionally related updates from social media, website, webinars, to ensure maximum transparency market visibility.

Promoting our business portfolio in key external organizations, relevant committee's and industry events to increase the awareness of our activities.

Manage any expectations in relation to conflict of interest and impartiality in relation to the food and agricultural social auditing.

pesticide, fungicide, toxic metals, pathogenic micro organisms, spores, pest, persistent organic pollutant (pops) GMO, seed health system. Amylase inhibitors, phytates, tannnins, saponin, oligosaccharide, hemagglutinin activity.