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Noah Bakery research question arming on?

If any serious interaction / interest / motivation / flexibility exists to collaborate across the food business network sector for future solutions to change our environmental impact issue ? an important role for any food processing service survival.

This’s question gad published on August 2020 in internet media service within the European Economic area ( EEA ) and there towing food business network. The outcome in review of 5 days running through time was 100 % no response at all the time. That means in today’s world green / environment / sustainability activities has become a “ BUZZ “ word to demonstrate no social corporate interaction transforming the economic future into more humanitarian potential solutions to our environmental footprint impacts and protection of the global agricultural biomass for food / feed needs.


Protein are the molecular function that works as catalyst of life , containing long chains of amino acid that fold into shape to the function they serve.

To be healthy we’re need a balanced diet which includes protein containing all 9 essential amino acid witch cannot made by the body. Food such as wheat, corn, rice, soybeans and peas has definitely inadequate levels of on or more essential amino acid. Therefore we’re converting plants protein to more complete bio availability protein sources , selective lysine and methionine amino acids become to more harmonious ratio range.(Germany chemist justus von Liebig 1803 - 1873 helps illustrate)

Studying and research lighting the way to determine the protein folding molecular function by genetically encoding amino acid sequence these findings advanced understanding could potential coverage therapeutic makings , targets good building conditions for creating nano-structures, medical applicational development opportunities.

Repurposing seeds to flour processing to manage environmental footprint by minimizing side effects and maximizing effectiveness of food and feed sustainability.

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Chemical Will Absolve Me

The Crown is so Famous:
Rising action obstructed the life touch at sunrise. Corporation in foreign land industrialization zoning, oppressive to the people’s environment within all their life forms, without passion cut into the river of life.

The Unconscious Civilization:
If blind to that sad reality of the entire political establishment, has no moral content to the entire system of living.

The Brain Chilling:
Professional who manage to perform the miracle of being right in everything they do

21 Century Challenges:
Of trusted corvalues of human action is an expression of existence of the multi-level of organization’s manifest of 100 years full blast of created, developing chemical-compounds and their products, to use in our environmental-home that dramatically change the way you live

Not knowing chemicals you eat, you touch, for sure in your water, on your skin, you breathe in and out daily.

Trusted Food:
Department of university of liege the analytical aspect…
the simultaneous analysis of more than 50 pesticides in honey.

Eat your Fruit and Vegetable:
Watch this, systemic pesticides, cannot be washed off before consumption of food. Systemic pesticides are incorporated in the plant during its development. The most prominent class of systematic pesticides is neonicotinoids components and their fate in plants environment, and animal and human food chain.

For Sure in Your Water:
Herbicides of atrazine, metolachlor, alochlor and cyanazine.

Integrity, Teamwork and Wellness:
Speaks to a raging controversy of recent developments of persistent organic pollutants (POPs)

Everywhere I Go:
Found in food, water, earth, air, snow, dust, in any life forms on planet earth

Toxic Shock Compounds:
Aldine, Endpin, Heptachlor, hexachord, benzoyl, HCB, murex, Toxaphen, PCB, PBDE, PFOS, acrylamide, glyphosate (mix with polyoxethline alkyamine makes it more toxic) and glyphosate.

Go and Get the Job Done:
1999 the Belgian dioxin crisis, PCB/ dioxin in the Euro food chain.

We Make Happen:
with our choice of product and their life cycle, with connecting service to use.